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      19 products

      The Best To Go Ice Cream Containers

      You’ve already made the perfect frozen treat and we have the perfect clear cups with lids to go with them! We have containers made for ice cream sundaes, banana splits, or any frozen dessert you can think of. These containers are durable, versatile, and made for your ice cream shop.

      You Can Trust Our Clear Plastic Containers!

      Our clear plastic cups are durable and versatile. Your customers can trust that these cups with lids aren’t going to crack in their hands and leave behind a mess. Better yet, their clear material means that your delicious products are going to be the star of the show. We can’t think of a better headliner. For tall sundaes, try our dome lids.

      What are These Containers Good for?

      We have a variety of shapes and sizes for any dessert! Try our banana split container to fit your oblong treats. Our sundae container could work for almost any dessert. Because our cups with lids are made from clear plastic, your customers can see exactly what they’re getting. It’s free advertising for your products! Your customers will be more apt to buy things they can see.
      There’s no wrong answer to what you can put in these clear plastic cups with lids. Continue scrolling to take a look through the wide variety of containers at Frozen Dessert Supplies. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team by phone, email, or fill out our simple online form.