Clear Plastic Containers

Clear Plastic Containers

You’ve already perfected your delicious frozen treats and now you need to get them into the expectant hands of your customers. Let our clear plastic containers do that job for you. As the perfect vessel for any frozen treat, you can think of, the containers at Frozen Dessert Supplies offer qualities you won’t see anywhere else.

Our clear plastic containers are durable and versatile. Your customers can trust that the containers aren’t going to break apart in their hands and leave behind a mess. Better yet, their clear nature means that your delicious products are going to be the star of the show. At Frozen Dessert Supplies, we can think of no better headliner.

What to Put in Your Clear Plastic Containers

When it comes time to choose the cups you want, you won’t face a shortage of choices. We have a wide variety of sizes and styles of clear plastic containers for your browsing pleasure. What you put inside is entirely up to you. From our years of experience in the industry, we know that these cups are particularly well-suited for these tasty treats. Frozen yogurt: A favorite of the health-conscious and the indulgent alike, frozen yogurt needs the right dish to serve it. Our clear containers will allow your customers to see how much fro-yo they’re putting in their cup and the enticing layers of toppings they pile on. Gelato: This popular Italian frozen dessert is smooth and sweet. Gelato contains between 25% and 30% air, accounting for its thicker texture and creamy consistency. Ice cream: There’s no need to explain ice cream. The classic treat is the king of the frozen dessert world. Whether you’re serving a simple vanilla scoop or a decadent ice cream sundae, clear plastic containers will get the product to your customers with the utmost ease and efficiency. 

These clear plastic containers work perfectly for all kinds of frozen treats. Whether you want to make a sundae, have a banana split, or keep your ice cream in the freezer for later, these are the perfect cups for you. We offer many different styles and sizes and we are sure one of them will catch your eye. 

There’s no wrong answer to what you can put in these cups. Continue scrolling to take a look through the wide variety of containers at Frozen Dessert Supplies. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team by phone, email, chat, or fill out our simple online form.