Why You Need a Tip Jar (and How to Use it)

Tip jars are a big tradition in the food industry. Your ice cream shop can benefit greatly from implementing a tip jar. They're a great way for your customers to show a little extra love for your employees!

Here's a fun cup you can use for tips!

Why You Need a Tip Jar

1. Reward Your Employees for Rough Shifts

Ice Cream Shop, Why You Need a Tip Jar (and How to Use it)

Because traditional pay is hourly, not based on sales, there are some shifts your employees will work much harder and sell much more than others while being paid the same. Tips are a great way to rectify this! The more people there are in your shop, the more tips your employees will receive. They'll be compensated more based on the amount of work they did rather than just their hours worked.

2. Give Customers a Chance to Appreciate Your Employees

Cash Payment, Why You Need a Tip Jar (and How to Use it)

Your customers want more ways to tell your employees how much they appreciate them. If your employees do something great, your customers have a way to recognize it with tips. It's a simple and effective show of gratitude.

3. Promote Great Service

Waitress with Dessert, Why You Need a Tip Jar (and How to Use it)

Customers tip more when your employees give them great service. Teach your employees how to keep a smile on their face when dealing with difficult customers and how to go above and beyond for them. Tips reward their great service.

How to Use Your Tip Jar

1. Organize Your Staff

Staff Assignments, Why You Need a Tip Jar (and How to Use it)

For every shift, have your employees write down their hours on a sign-up sheet. Have each of your shift managers divide the tips evenly between each employee. This way, they'll all be compensated fairly and evenly.

2. Split Your Tips

Splitting Tips, Why You Need a Tip Jar (and How to Use it)

Divide your tips evenly between your employees based on their hours worked for every shift. The best way to do this is, after your staff writes down their hours, add up the total hours worked for each shift, and divide your tips by that number of hours. Your employees will then get equal compensation for their work.

3. Use Your POS

POS, Why You Need a Tip Jar (and How to Use it)

Most POS systems allow for tips during each sale. You can divide these tips when calculating paychecks and give them out then. Using your POS system makes it easy for customers without cash to continue appreciating your staff.

Tip jars are a great way to let your customers appreciate your employees. You can easily reward their great service without any extra cost to you. You can easily implement a tip jar in your ice cream shop.

Do you have a tip jar in your ice cream shop? Tell us about it in the comments, we love hearing from you!

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