What Flavor Ice Cream Should You Try This Summer? A Quiz

Even though it is perfectly acceptable to eat ice cream all year round, there is just something fun about a sundae in a special dessert cup come the summer. Now that summer is coming in full swing, there is no need to wait and to go out and try all the flavors available to you!

But what if you are a simple chocolate or vanilla person? Then we challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and try something new this year. Don't know where to start? Take our quiz to get some inspiration.

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?

A: Go swimming
B: Travel
C: Spending time outside
D: Putting all your sweaters into storage

What type of cone is your go-to?

A: Waffle, please
B: Sugar cone
C: Chocolate dipped waffle cone
D: None of the above, I'll take a tasting spoon of each flavor

What is your favorite summertime holiday?

A: July 4th
B: Memorial Day, as this is when the season gets going
C: Labor Day
D: Every day in summer is a holiday

Where would you go on your dream vacation?

A: The Grand Canyon
B: Fiji
C: Paris
D: India

What breed of dog is your favorite?

A: Corgi
B: Dalmatian
C: Golden Retriever
D: Poodle

Mostly As:
You should try: Mint cookies and cream

You're a classic, and you're a bit apprehensive about stepping out of your carefully curated ice cream bubble. Enter mint cookies and cream, a mix of two great classics that won't disappoint.

Mostly Bs:
You should try: Stracciatella gelato

This is the Italian version of vanilla chocolate chip, except it has chocolate shavings mixed throughout. It’s a bit creamier as ice cream supplies contains between 3 and 8% milkfat and 25 to 30% air, but your taste buds will be sure to love the different consistency.

Mostly Cs:
You should try: Go crazy on the toppings

You have tried all the ice cream flavors the world has to offer, so this summer, go a little crazy with the toppings. Take your favorite flavor and add anything that sounds exciting -- mochi balls, cheesecake, brownies, or even a splash of liqueur.

Mostly Ds:
You should try: A savory ice cream

Elegant and refined, you like the finer things in life. This is where savory ice cream can really make your sweet tooth smile, so try a dessert that is flavored with fig, goat's cheese, or even bacon!

No matter what ice cream flavor you choose to try, make sure to call our ice cream aficionados to get all the supplies you need!
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