What Does Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Say About Your Personality?

With summer just around the corner, people are heading to their local ice cream parlor and piling their ice cream cups high with their favorite flavors of ice cream. In fact, June is one of the most popular months to consume the creamy treat.

And while a whopping 90% of all households in the United States indulge in ice cream on a regular basis, not all ice creams are created equal. From gelato to sorbet, ice cream can have a multitude of textures and tastes. And believe it or not, your preference of ice cream flavor says a lot about who you are as a person.

Want to know what your favorite ice cream flavor says about your personality? Read on to find out. (Be careful! This quiz will make you want to pull out the dessert supplies!)

While people might think that you're boring, we know the truth about you. You're a real class act. When it comes to wacky styles and trends, you can appreciate the boldness, and heck, you might even try some wild toppings on for size. But at the end of the day, you feel comfort in knowing that you're a classic, timeless person. After all, vanilla is the most popular flavor among consumers for a reason.

While you certainly know what you want out of life, your driven personality is mirrored by an indulgent, dark side. You have a taste for adventure and always seek ways to find your own perspective on the world around you. As a person, you are extremely warm and are never opposed to stocking up on those sundae ice cream supplies - no matter what time of the year it is.

You love to have fun. Among your group of friends, you're viewed as the bubbly, optimistic one who always has the energy to do something fun -- even after a long day. Careful! Your sweet disposition might seem fake to some.

Mint Chocolate Chip
All your life, you've been known as 'that chill one.' Whether it's in your group of friends or your study circle, people always seem to come to you for advice. And it's no problem to you! After all, you love helping others out.

Rocky Road
Life is a highway, and you want to check out every pit stop along the way! You are an extrovert through and through, and love to live your days experiencing as much as possible. Be careful not to put too much on your plate!

Whether you're classic vanilla-lover or an adventurous rocky road explorer, at the end of the day, we all use the same dessert supplies. So kick back, relax, load up those tasting spoons and indulge! You certainly deserve it.

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