Top Customer Complaints and How Your Shop Can Avoid Them

Visiting a restaurant or ice cream shop should be a fun family affair, but some diners won't hesitate to offer the occasional complaint.

Unfortunately, one complaint online could cause huge repercussions. In fact, around 88% of Americans will trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from friends, according to one Harris Poll.

Here are some of the top complaints to watch out for in your ice cream shop.


Between the cleanliness of your bathroom to the quality of your dishes, customers notice when their surroundings are dirty. In a study of more than 1,000 adults by the Consumer Reports National Research Center, 76% of patrons complained about dirty utensils and unclean tables. Try investing in a better table cleaner and try serving fun plastic spoons to avoid unclean utensils.

Customers also hate the look of a dirty bathroom. In fact, 73% of patrons have complained about dirty bathrooms. Establish a cleaning schedule for your employees to check on the quality of the bathroom periodically throughout the day.

Inattentive staff

Consumer Reports also noted that qualms regarding reservations are at the top of customer complaints. If a table isn't ready within 15 minutes of the reservation time, consumers are more likely to get irate. If you simply cannot get the table ready in time, quell consumer concerns with tasty ice cream samples served dessert cups with fun colored spoons.

Unfortunately, an inattentive staff might also get the table's order wrong. Around 62% of people get frustrated and complain when the meals aren't what they ordered.

A recent Yelp survey revealed that 86% of people would think twice about visiting a restaurant or business with poor online reviews. Even if you utilize the best in colored spoons and fun dessert cups, inattentive staff and poorly maintained environment can sink your business. Watch out for these pitfalls when you strive to improve your customer experience.

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