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Tips For A Well-Stocked and Well-Loved Office Kitchen

As any office worker knows, taking breaks is essential to sustained productivity. Without a place to relax and unwind at the office, tension can build up, and your mood can spiral.

In many offices, the best place to take a break and rejuvenate in the kitchen. An office kitchen provides the perfect place to grab a snack, brew some coffee, and share a few jokes with coworkers before heading back to work. In fact, according to a recent survey, 72% of office workers believed the kitchen was more than just a place to get coffee; respondents said office kitchens create important spaces for collaboration and help people stay content and productive.

However, not all office kitchens are created equally. A dull, poorly-stocked, and dirty kitchen likely won't put a smile on anyone's face. To ensure your office kitchen meets office needs and boosts morale, try the following tips and tricks:

1. Offer A Selection of the Essentials

You never know what a day at the office might bring. An impromptu birthday party might require a knife for cake-cutting, a happy hour might require paper drinking straws, and a spill on a conference table might require two rolls of paper towels. Keep your office kitchen ready for anything with the following essential supplies:

    • Paper drinking straws

    • Plastic spoons and forks

    • To go cups or containers for leftovers

    • Paper plates and bowls

    • Napkins

    • Paper towels

    • Basic serving utensils

    • Coffee mugs

    • A can opener

    • Sponges and dish soap

  • A first aid kit

By keeping your cupboards stocked with basics, your office days will run more smoothly, and employees will be more likely to congregate in the kitchen.

2. Post Rules and a Cleaning Schedule

Workers will feel more invested and take greater pride in an office kitchen if they feel responsible for its upkeep. To keep the kitchen duties fair, have coworkers or departments take turns cleaning the kitchen at the end of each day, and clearing the fridge at the end of each week. A proper cleaning routine will ensure the kitchen stays sparkly and pleasant during mini-meetings and fun lunch breaks.

3. Use the Space for Celebrations

Finally, associate the kitchen space with fun and positivity by using it for special occasions. Celebrate milestones with a catered lunch or cookie platter left on the counter. Consider a baked-good signup where coworkers take turns bringing in bagels or cupcakes. You can even supply fun fixings for coffee to boost culture and morale in the kitchen. Since 90% of U.S. households regularly indulge in a frozen treat, when in doubt, an ice cream sundae party is sure to be a hit!

Make your office more fun and more productive place by creating a fun kitchen environment. With the right supplies, a cleaning schedule, and fun events, your office kitchen might become the most important part of your company.

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Tips For A Well-Stocked and Well-Loved Office Kitchen