Sustainable Supply Practices For Your Ice Cream Shop

The average American will consume ice cream 28.5 times this year. When the summer comes back, people will be back in the swing of ice cream consumption as if winter had never been here. With that many people loving ice cream so much, it's not difficult to see how much waste might correspond with it.

We want people to enjoy their favorite frozen treats without having to excessively fill garbage cans with waste. Sustainable ice cream shop supplies are keeping tabs on this without depriving people of the frozen desserts they love. Let's see how you can do this at your own shop.

Eco-Friendly Paper Drinking Straws

Don't doubt the number of milkshakes that are ordered every summer. On top of them, there are millions of plastic straws that end up all over the place. Eco-friendly paper drinking straws are great biodegradable options that won't choke the world with plastic.

Waste Not, Want Not

Sometimes even the best practices are thwarted by our own customers. Sure, you might have eco-friendly paper drinking straws and recyclable containers, but customers often grab more than they need. To keep customers from grabbing too many plastic spoons and travel containers, have them behind the counter. This way, if they want to take things to go, they ask you for supplies. You can then control the quantity and avoid people grabbing and wasting fistfuls of disposable items.

Encourage Green Practices

Apart from getting better with your own shop's sustainability, create awareness in your community. People need to know that, together, we can be allies and do our part in trying to cut down the unnecessary amount of waste we produce every day. Lead by example and your customers will follow. Make signage visible, supply the appropriate number of receptacles, and pride yourself in being a limited-waste establishment.

From eco-friendly paper drinking straws to reminding people to live environmentally conscious existences even when they're scarfing down a cup of their favorite gelato. Those actions start with your ice cream shop. Once you keep adopting more sustainable practices and supplies, the people you serve will begin to see and mirror your example. A lot can be done to be an example of environmental respect and we're here to help you. One ice cream cup at a time.

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Our paper ice cream cups are made withFDA approved food-safe papercoated in a thin layer ofPE (Polyethylene). Our clear plastic cups, banana split boats, and plastic dome lids are made fromPET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). Our plastic spoons and straws are made fromPP (Polypropylene). Our eco-friendly ice cream cups are made fromFDA approved food-safe papercoated in a thin layer ofPLA (Polylactic Acid). PLA is plastic made from corn starch. Our eco-friendly spoons are also made from PLA. Our eco-friendly wooden spoons are made from FDA approvedsmooth birch wood.