So What's the Difference Between Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream?

There is a lot of contention between what treat is better: frozen yogurt or ice cream. Whether they grab a tasting spoon of every flavor of ice cream or go with the same flavor of frozen yogurt every time they head to a frozen yogurt shop, most dessert aficionados have their own preference. So what exactly is the difference between these two creamy desserts? Here is everything you need to know.

History of Each Dessert

Ice cream has a dynamic history, and it can be traced back to Iraq, China, and medieval Europe. Each culture would flavor frozen milk and ice in their own way, and while there still are some global differences, the ice cream we have come to love worldwide is simply a dessert mash-up of hundreds of different cultures.

Frozen yogurt was only introduced in the 1970s in the United States, and since then has grown to a worldwide trend.

What is the difference?

Ice cream is typically industrially produced and contains a higher content of air, cream, and milk fat to give it a creamier taste. A popular version is a gelato, which is a bit denser than traditional ice cream. In general, ice cream has more preservatives which allow it to be frozen in larger containers for personal use.

Frozen yogurt uses flavored yogurt as its main ingredient. It is lighter than ice cream and uses sugar as a primary additive. Typically it is served in 'soft serve' machines to keep the quality and taste from expiring too fast.

Lactose content

Ice cream is usually off-limits for those who cannot digest lactose because of its high cream content. While you can purchase lactose-free ice cream, there are not a lot of flavors available and some may believe the consistency is different than when lactose is added.

Frozen yogurt has probiotic cultures that break down lactose naturally, which makes this a fantastic option for those who cannot eat other dairy products.

Are you thinking of incorporating frozen yogurt to your restaurant or cafe? Consider that back in 2013 there were an estimated 2,582 frozen yogurt stores. This number has only grown in the following years, so you have nothing to lose by adding this delicious treat -- your customers will thank you!

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