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Six Tips to Make Your Frozen Yogurt Experience a Healthy One

Frozen yogurt is sweeping the nation in a frosted wave of delightful treats. With June being the month in which the most ice cream is produced, ice cream parlors and frozen yogurt businesses alike are gathering supplies and preparing for people to scream about ice cream. But in a world seemingly obsessed with the frozen treats, how can you make your next trip to the frozen yogurt bar a healthier one? These six tips will make your next frozen adventure the best -- and healthiest -- it can be.

Say No to Non-Fat
While non-fat frozen yogurt may seem like the solution to all of your health woes, be wary. In this case, the fat is usually replaced with lots of sugar, and in the battle between these two evils, sugar is definitely nastier.

Only One Sugar
The average American will consume ice cream nearly 30 times in one year, and believe it or not, the sugar really adds up. To limit sugar intake, try choosing a tart flavor and sugary toppings, or a sugary flavor with no toppings.

No Sugar-Free
Frozen yogurt supplies you with countless options, including sugar-free flavors. However, sugar-free doesn't mean unsweetened! Certain sweeteners could actually be harmful to your health, so if you opt for sugar-free, make sure to ask what kind of sweetener has been used.

Don't Go Scoop Crazy
Resisting the vast array of toppings laid before you is definitely a challenge. For a little less sugar, try picking one favorite topping and limiting yourself to one scoop.

Beware the Fruit!
If a frozen yogurt bar offers fruit for toppings, that's great! However, the fruit should be fresh, not swimming in syrup. So before you pile it on in the name of health, do a double-take.

Go Nuts
Believe it or not, nuts are some of the healthiest toppings that you can eat. They're a good source of protein and healthy fats, especially walnuts.

There are currently over 2,500 frozen yogurt stores in the country, and that number only grows with America's obsession. But no matter what store you frequent, make sure your frozen yogurt supplies you with a healthier snack than your typical sundae!
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