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Scientists Have Invented Ice Cream That Won't Melt. How Cool is That?

There's nothing worse than melting ice cream on a hot summer day that pools into soup in your paper ice cream cup. And since 90% of all households in the United States eat ice cream, it's likely that many people have experienced this ice cream melting travesty.

But science is out to change that.

According to CNN, researchers at the University of Edinburgh and Dundee have discovered a protein that will make ice cream more resistant to melting.

Typically, ice cream is made with cream, sugar, flavoring, and eggs, and is churned until it contains 50% more air than it originally had. What binds the ice cream, however, is the fat and the protein.

Similarly, the protein found by the researchers is able to bind easily, achieving the creamy texture usually achieved with cow's milk. In addition to having a higher melting point, this innovative ice cream could also serve as a lower fat alternative to traditional ice cream, similar to the fat content that frozen yogurt supplies.

Not only will this new protein ingredient stay intact in ice cream cups, (no more need for ice cream cups with lids!) scientists say that the bacteria found in the protein is good for the human body. And most importantly, the ingredient won't effect the taste.

And the benefits don't stop there. Since this newly innovated ice cream will maintain its texture in hotter temperatures, less energy is used to keep the sweet treat cool. And there's nothing cooler than sustainability.

Unfortunately, CNN reports that the unmeltable ice cream won't be available for another three to five years. In the mean time, you'll just have to enjoy the melty, sticky, sweet stuff as is. Over the span of any given two weeks, 40% of Americans will have eaten ice cream, so the mess must be worth it after all.
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