Reasons Everyone Should Be Eating Dessert

Who doesn’t like dessert? It is no secret that desserts of all kind are delicious, especially the frozen kind. Frozen yogurt, ice cream, gelato… you name it and it’s delicious. Feeling guilty about tucking into a bowl after dinner? Don’t be. Here are some reasons why everyone should be eating frozen dessert.

It is (sort of) good for you.
If you are trying to cut calories and fat but still need your frozen treat fix, grab some frozen yogurt. It only has a 0.5% fat content, compared to 15% of that in ice cream. Plus, one serving of frozen yogurt has only half the calories as a piece of chocolate cake! So if you stick to healthier toppings such as fruit, nuts, and sugar free sauces, you’ll have a guilt-free dessert in your hands.

It contains nutrients
Yes, these frozen treats are good to eat but did you know they are full of nutrients? A small serving of frozen yogurt -- about 1 ½ cups -- can provide 15% of your recommended daily calcium intake plus 5.5 grams of protein. A half a cup of vanilla ice cream, on the other hand, is a source of vitamin A as well as calcium.

It is comforting
Who doesn’t like a bowl of the sweet stuff after a long day? Ice cream is especially comforting -- you’re not alone when you are digging into your dessert. In fact, 15% of Americans report eating ice cream in bed, and three percent eat ice cream in the bathtub.

It supports dairy farmers nationwide
Those cows work hard providing milk for your ice cream so support their owners, and buy a gallon! About nine percent of all the milk produced by U.S. dairy farmers is used to make ice cream across the nation.

It is patriotic
Americans love ice cream and are the largest consumers of the stuff in the world. On average, every American consumed 48 pints of ice cream a year, with 90% of households eating ice cream regularly.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and dig in! 
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