Love Ice Cream But Can’t Tolerate Dairy? Good News, There Are Some Options For You

As the summer months quickly approach, many people are going to start to turn to ice cream to help cool down. But what about the people out there who can’t indulge in this delicious sweet treat? Good news: there are plenty of non-dairy ice cream alternatives.

About 68% of people in the world suffer from lactose intolerance. This means they’ll get sick if they drink milk, eat cheese, and yes, indulge in ice cream. Many ice cream companies have come out with allergen-friendly treats so no one is excluded. These companies know with the mass amount of allergies out there that they’d lose customers if they didn’t try to adapt. Now, at least 40% of vegan alternatives account for all dairy-style products.

Most of the options out there come in the exact same flavors as regular ice cream. You can find chocolate ice cream made from almond milk, vanilla made from rice milk, and even pistachio ice cream made solely from soy milk. Gelato, another popular type of sweet ice cream-esque dessert, can also be found in a dairy-free formula. The possibilities are literally endless.

These options tend to be a lot healthier than standard ice cream, too. Depending on which flavor you choose, one half cup service of soy milk ice cream contains anywhere from 170 to 220 calories. So even people who aren’t looking for an allergen-free treat can spoil themselves with a bowl of sweetness without feeling guilty afterward.

Back in 2016, ice cream buyers purchased about one billion pints of vegan ice cream. But that number is expected to grow as the years go on. What are you waiting for? Pick up a pint of non-dairy ice cream today.

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