Italian Man Sets Guinness World Record for Most Ice Cream Scoops on One Cone

There's a new Guinness World Record for the highest number of ice cream scoops piled on top of a single, standard-sized cone: 121.

Dimitri Panciera beat his own previous record of 109 scoops this year at the Gelatimo ice cream festival in Forno di Zoldo, Italy. Technically, his 121 mini scoops were of gelato, not ice cream; with only about 25% to 30% air and between 3% to 8% milkfat, gelato desserts tend to be denser than regular ice cream, which probably helped Panciera balance his epic tower of deliciousness.

As per Guinness' rules, the cone could only be 3.74 inches around and the scoops had to balance on the cone for at least 10 seconds. That wasn't a problem for Panciera, who nonchalantly walked around and licked on his gelato after piling on the scoops.

And that's not the only ice cream-related record on the books with Guinness. The world record for the largest single scoop of ice cream went to Kemps Dairy, who for their 100th anniversary created a 3,010-pound scoop of strawberry for the Cedarburg Strawberry Festival in Wisconsin. The scoop measured about 5.5 feet tall and over six feet wide, with enough ice cream to provide thousands of festival-goers with a free tasting spoon sample.

Meanwhile, the world record for the longest ice cream dessert belongs to the town of Nashville, Michigan, whose residents built a dessert over two-thirds of a mile long (3,627 feet and 8.8 inches) made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup, sliced strawberries, whipped dairy toppings, and cherries. It weighed over 5,400 pounds.

Of course, you don't have to be a world record holder to enjoy ice cream and frozen desserts. As a matter of fact, adding an extra scoop onto your own cone doesn't seem so bad when you know there's a man in Italy with 120 more on his. So go ahead and indulge!
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