How to Use Dry Ice While Delivering Ice Cream

Ice cream is notorious for melting during delivery. Not offering delivery may not be an option in today's climate. How can you keep your ice cream cold during delivery? Here are a few tips.

Use Dry Ice

Ice, How to Use Dry Ice While Delivering Ice Cream

Dry ice is a unique substance; while regular ice is frozen water, dry ice is solid carbon dioxide. It gets much colder than regular ice and it doesn't leave any residue. Your ice cream will be safe from melting and getting unnecessarily wet. Dry ice is the perfect solution.

How do you work with it? 

Because it's colder than regular ice, handling dry ice is completely different. You need to make sure not to touch it with your bare hands. Wear gloves to protect your skin. You may also consider using tongs as an added layer of protection.

Package It Correctly

When delivering ice cream, it's integral to package it correctly. If you choose to use dry ice pellets, you need to keep it contained. Keep it in a paper bag folded and stapled closed. Because it's so cold, dry ice tends to cool plastic to the point of being brittle. Use a paper container instead! Simply serve your ice cream in a covered paper cup, keep that in a cooler with your paper bags of dry ice. Additionally, consider utilizing reliable quart containers with lids to ensure your frozen treats remain insulated and intact during transit.

Everyone wants ice cream delivered straight to their house! No one wants that ice cream to be liquid by the time they get to eat it. If you follow these tips, your ice cream is sure to stay cold through delivery.

Tell us in the comments about how you keep your ice cream cold in transit!

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