How To Prepare For An Ice Cream Party

Everybody with a heart and soul enjoys ice cream. Approximately 40% of Americans will eat ice cream in any given two-week period. With 1.5 billion gallons of this frozen treat produced in America every year (most of it in June), ice cream demand is in no danger of slowing down.

But half the time, we end up eating it out of the tub, standing in front of the freezer. How can we restore that decadence and glory to the art of ice cream consumption? As it turns out, there are a number of great modifications you can make to your ice cream experience that will satisfy your appetite and enrich your life immeasurably. We have compiled a few of them for you here.

    • Get some nice plastic tasting spoons and personalized ice cream cups. Plastic tasting spoons will add that level of sophistication and elegance you are looking for in an ice cream social event, whereas the individual ice cream cups convey thoughtfulness and attention.

    • Invest in new flavors of ice cream to surprise and delight yourself and your guests. Or branch out into unknown territory, like gelato, sorbet or frozen yogurt cups.

    • It may be worth getting ice cream cups with lids if you have little ones on hand to enjoy the frozen treat. Plastic tasting spoons can be enclosed within the cup and the whole thing can be thrown away to save time and messes.

    • Serving ice cream with pie and cake are old standards, but you can add a funky twist to ice cream by serving it with granola, fruit, shortbread, or even a three-course dinner!

    • Choosing a great setting in which to dine on delicious ice cream is a must. Don't relegate your ice cream event to the patch of grass by the chainlink fence, and in doing so, consign it to aesthetic oblivion. Raise the stakes with a little innovative use of location, whether it's in a picturesque gazebo, in a nature park, or on a nice deck or back patio.

    • Make sure to provide any guests with the desired amenities, such as drink cups, napkins and scorecards to rate their ice cream experience.

Eating ice cream is fun, but it can be magnificent and exhilarating with the appropriate supplies, attitude and preparation. Let us know how your ice cream experiences go in the comments below.
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