How to Decorate Your Ice Cream Shop

Local ice cream shops are known for having not only great ice cream but for having a great atmosphere too! From retro malted ice cream shops to modern frozen yogurt parlors, there's a theme for every type of shop. If you aren't sure how to decorate your ice cream shop, here's a simple guide to help!

What to Consider

Your Location

Ice Cream Stand, How to Decorate Your Ice Cream Shop

Where is your shop located? If you're in a tourist-centric town, you may want to play up old fashioned ice cream and service. If you're in a trendy downtown area, you may want a minimalist, modern atmosphere. Try to coordinate your shop with your location.

Your Shop

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Other than your location, you need to consider your shop itself. How big is it? How much seating do you have room for? When deciding on decor and atmosphere, you need to consider your venue. If you don't have much room for seating, consider adding a counter or bar area rather than tables. Make sure to fit your decor to your shop.

Your Product

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What do you sell? This plays a big factor in your decorating. If you sell handmade, old-fashioned ice cream, you could brand yourself as a farmhouse store or retro ice cream shop. If you sell obscure and trendy flavors of frozen yogurt, you could brand yourself in a very modern and trendy way. Your decor and branding should reflect your product in a way that makes sense. Consider enhancing your presentation with clear dome ice cream cup lids, allowing customers to see the delicious treats awaiting them while maintaining product freshness and visibility. And don't forget to showcase your delicious offerings in our versatile 4 oz ice cream cups and serve ice cream flawlessly with our rolled ice cream scraper!

How to Implement it

The Decor

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Decor can be a complicated thing to shop for. You want your decor to fit your brand and product without having to spend way too much money on it. Once you've decided how you want to decorate your ice cream shop, go to your local thrift stores and scour their home and kitchen departments. If you don't see much that perfectly fits your theme, try some DIYs. You can spray paint almost anything. Don't be afraid to get crafty!

The Supplies

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Every ice cream shop needs supplies! Custom cups are a great way to make sure your branding is cohesive. If you don't want to buy custom cups, we have a wide variety of patterns and colors to go with any branding. Try our cow print cups for a farmhouse store, or our kraft cups for a modern feel! With cohesive branding, including your disposable supplies, your customers can feel like they're in your store, even after they've left. Don't forget to check out our selection of 3 oz ice cream cups with lids for a classic and versatile option that complements any branding strategy. 

The Branding

Ice Cream Shop, How to Decorate Your Ice Cream Shop

Your ice cream shop decorations, logo, and social media should all be cohesive. They should make sense together. If your store has retro decor, your logo and social media should reflect that. When your customers see your logo and social media, they should feel like they've walked into your shop. Keep it simple, post pictures of little things in your shop with similar colors and tones. Your branding is just as important as your decor.

Having cohesive branding and decor gives your ice cream shop an advantage. Customers will love your atmosphere enough to continue giving you their business. It's a great way to promote new business and loyal customers. Whatever your theme, your customers are sure to love it!

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