How Small Businesses Go Viral Using TikTok

TikTok has been the most used app for two years in a row now, so if you want your brand to have a social media presence, TikTok is a must. Many businesses and brands have grown exponentially because they know how to strategically use TikTok’s unique algorithm in their favor. TikTok’s algorithm is not like other social media channels where you have to be big to be relevant. On this platform, anyone can go viral. Here are some strategies anyone can apply to get their business noticed on TikTok.

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1. Don’t Make Every Video an AD 

People go on TikTok to be entertained, so making an entertaining video needs to be your first objective. The best way to go about this is to stick to a ratio, every two entertaining videos you post, then you can post one that is more focused on your brand and selling your service or product. The ad videos need to be entertaining and have a good anchor, the second people see an ad that doesn’t interest them at all, they will just swipe away.

2. Follow Trends

There are all kinds of trends on TikTok, just make sure you hop on the trend train fast or your brand will look out of touch and ‘cringey’, trends are only so fun for so long. What filters are big right now? What music is on the top charts? Music is vital to producing a well performing video. It is very common for people to learn about new music and songs on TikTok now, so make sure you are choosing music that makes sense. Sometimes older songs can be made popular again because of TikTok. Make your own trends too! Find a song with a good punch line or bridge that reminds you of your brand and use it to your advantage. Starting a trend is one of the best ways to go Viral because others will remake your trend and share your video, so get creative!

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3. Short & Sweet

TikTok is all about short video format. If you want to make a video that will last longer than a couple minutes, consider uploading to Youtube instead, or cut it down. Catering to short attention spans on TikTok is vital to making successful content, the second people get bored or sense a video is just an ad, they’ll swipe, searching for the next video that will entertain them. This format makes TikTok an incredibly competitive platform, fighting for viewers' attention. The algorithm will always show new content about 1000 times, but if the retention rate is low, the algorithm will stop serving it to new viewers. Every second counts. Your video needs to have an anchor and a reason for people to continue watching. Videos under 45 seconds typically perform the best.

4. Adapting

The most fatal mistake creators make after going viral, is that they will keep doing the exact same thing. Though it may work to do this for a week or two, viewers will get annoyed and unfollow you. If you have a video that goes viral, this is the best opportunity to make a high quality video explaining your business, because this is when your business will have the most attention. This also means that the quality of your next video is incredibly important, and it would be worthwhile to invest a little more on production value here.

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5. Hashtags & SEO

One of the most underrated tools on TikTok is using their hashtag and SEO section. Using this tool helps make who sees your video more intentional. Specifying your audience is extremely helpful in making sure your video reaches the right viewer. So make sure you always fill out the description section. This usually should just contain a funny or information headline that relates to the video, your business website or another social media platform, and around ten hashtags. The most universal hashtags that small business should use are #ForYou or #ForYouPage, #SmallBusiness, and whatever hashtags relate to your video or business that will help curate your audience. For example, here at Frozen Dessert Supplies, we would typically use hashtags like #IceCream, #Supplier #Restaurants #Food, #StartBusiness, etc.

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6. Sponsorships

A great way to reach your audience is by having influencers that they would watch, talk about your brand! The more niche the influencer, the better. Looking for influences with ten to a hundred thousand who would represent your brand well is ideal. It never hurts to reach out to someone by email or instagram and see if partnering with them might be a good fit. Partnering with other brands that are similar in size to your own can also be a great way to reach new audiences!


TikTok is the most used social media platform, so it is essential to make content on there. Their algorithm is optimized for newer users with a smaller following, which allows your business to be seen more than any other social channel, so it is important to make every video count! In order to be successful on this platform try to do one ad style video for every two entertainment focused videos you make, and keep most of your videos under 45 seconds. Be sure to produce a variety of videos and follow popular trends before they are old news. Taking advantage of Tik Tok’s description section will help you videos be seen by your intended audience. And lastly, work with others on TikTok to help curate your content and become more relevant. If you are consistent with uploading and keep these tips in mind, your brand could be the next viral business on TikTok.

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About the Author: Tim Porter

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