Fun Facts About Your Favorite Frozen Treat

There is a lot you probably know about ice cream. You know where to get the best chocolate chip frozen yogurt by your house and you know that you absolutely HATE rum raisin. But aside from those few basic mental notes, there’s so much more about ice cream that you need to know.

In the United States, the average American will consume 23 pounds of ice cream each and every year. That includes every flavor, even the rum raisin that you absolutely despise. It takes a person about 50 licks to finish one single scoop of ice cream. So since the average American consumes about 23 pounds a year, can you imagine how many licks of ice cream they’ll take?

Speaking of eating ice cream, most people have some of the frozen treats in their homes regularly. In fact, about 98% of American families have some amount of ice cream in their home freezers at any given time.

Aside from the logistical information about ice cream itself, the sweet treat on a warm Sunday afternoon would be nothing without a waffle cone. The waffle cone wasn’t planned out, though. In fact, it was actually accidentally invented. This happened when an ice cream vendor ran out of bowls for his customers and a waffle maker offered to roll his waffles into a cone shape to help.

If you prefer to eat your ice cream in a dish covered in hot fudge, sprinkles, gummy bears, nuts, whipped cream, and cherries, you’ll love this fact. Did you know that the largest ice cream sundae ever created weighed 54,914 pounds? That’s a lot of ice cream!

So now that you know a little bit more about ice cream, what’s your favorite fact?
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