Favorite Ice Cream Flavors Across The U.S. (That Aren’t Chocolate or Vanilla!)

You’ve probably had the classic “favorite ice cream” debate with a friend when choosing one to accompany a piece of cake or to be the base for a sundae at a party. It usually comes down to vanilla or chocolate, right? When vanilla and chocolate are eliminated as options, America’s favorites come down to about five flavors: coffee, cookie dough, brownie, strawberry, and mint chocolate chip.

Did you know there’s a National Coffee Ice Cream Day? Every September 6, these coffee ice cream-loving states have reason to celebrate: Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Colorado, Montana, Minnesota, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Virginia, North Carolina, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Some believe that Ben and Jerry’s of gourmet ice cream fame first created cookie dough ice cream, but its true origins are still hotly debated. It’s the second most popular ice cream flavor we’re covering today, nabbing 15 states: New Mexico, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, West Virginia, South Carolina, Maryland, and New York.

Third most popular is a rather surprising fudgy flavor: brownie! Nevada, Idaho, Utah, Wyoming, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Pennsylvania all call brownie ice cream their favorite (non-chocolate or vanilla) flavor.

While it may be the neglected flavor of the Neapolitan trio, strawberry still has some admirers in Alaska, Kentucky, Georgia, and Florida. Nobody’s sure of the exact origin of strawberry ice cream, but we know it dates back to at least 1813 when James Madison served it at his second presidential inauguration. Fancy!

Ready for another fun fact? Mint chocolate chip ice cream was invented in 1973 by a culinary student at South Devon College in England named Marilyn Ricketts. This fresh and chocolate-y treat lends its characteristic green color to a tiny bit of food dye. Only a few states prefer mint choco-chip: Maine, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Do your ice cream preferences match up with your state?

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