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Desserts Pretending to Be Dinners: How to Create a 4 Course Meal Made Only of Ice Cream

There is always a time for ice cream, especially in the United States! Whether it's summer or the dead of winter, Americans love to chow down on ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt. In fact, in any given two-week period almost 40% of Americans will indulge in a bowl or cone of their favorite frozen treats.

We've all been to ice cream parties and ice cream shops that serve the creamy concoctions in paper ice cream cups and cones. But what if you wanted to do something a little bit different at your next ice cream-themed shindig? If so, consider making a whole four-course menu of ice cream pretending to be something it isn't. Here's how to make a whole feast using only frozen treats!

Appetizer: Ice cream nachos
Who needs a salty appetizer when you can go all out with this sweet one? Nachos made from ice cream can be as versatile and diverse as you'd like them to be. For a base, we recommend either crushed cannoli shells, graham crackers, or wafer cookies to be the "chips," followed by scoops of ice cream and drizzled with a mixture of caramel and chocolate sauce.

Main course: Ice cream pizza

There are plenty of ways to get creative and make ice cream pizza. Our favorite crust to use is a simple sugar cookie, and don't just keep to one flavor ice cream. Put different flavors all over, so you can really have a mix of flavors and tastes when you bite in. Sprinkle chocolate chips, small pieces of chopped fruit, and nuts for some extra toppings.

Side dish: Ice cream soup
Who doesn't like eating ice cream with a spoon? Make a milkshake, pour it into a soup bowl, and garnish with a cookie. You'll have ice cream soup that could even pass as gazpacho if it's red!

After dinner drink/ dessert: Affogato
Many people like to enjoy a cup of coffee after dinner, so serve this coffee-based dessert for a refreshing twist. An affogato is a shot of hot espresso served right over a scoop of vanilla gelato -- considering that it is cold and hot all at once, it will satisfy everyone.

So for your next dinner party, serve these frozen treats and just wait for your guests to be impressed!
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