Can You Have Your Ice Cream and Eat it Too?

Ice cream is one of those desserts that is loved by many. It comes in so many different flavors and can be spiced up with a plethora of different toppings. While ice cream may be delicious, is it actually good for you?

While you may be thinking “Oh, a sweet can’t be all that healthy.” Well, it depends on who you talk to and which facts you look at. Ice cream can indeed be okay to eat in small amounts, but let’s let the facts show the proof of that.

Can You Eat Ice Cream Even If You’re on a Diet?
Good news! If you love the delicious treat, you can definitely put a little bit of it in your diet. However, since you are trying to watch what you put into your body, you can have the dessert, but within reason. For women, you’re allowed to have one cup of ice cream per day. For men, you’re allowed to have one and a half cups of ice cream each day. As long as you stay within these limits, you’ll be able to have your ice cream, and eat it too!

What Does Ice Cream Actually Contain?
The U.S. Department of Agriculture says ice cream is an "energy-dense food". However, it’s good to note that each brand and flavor contain a different amount of calories, fats, and protein. Generally, though, one-half cup serving of ice cream has 137 calories of energy, seven grams of fat, and two grams of protein.

Why Do We Have to Eat Ice Cream in Moderation?
Even though it’s delicious, you have to eat ice cream in small amounts.No matter how good it tastes, we can’t hide the fact that it’s an extremely high-calorie food. The servings also include about 15 grams of carbs, 20-30 grams of sugar, and 10-20 grams of fat.

Ice cream is a delicious treat that people all around the world love to indulge in. As long as you’re keeping it in moderation, go ahead and dive into a bowl of the sweet dessert.
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