5 Products You Need to Make Your Ice Cream Buffet Stand Out

It's no secret that Americans love ice cream. In fact, it's estimated that 87% of American freezers contain ice cream at any given time. This is why hosting an ice cream buffet for your special event is a great option, especially with warmer weather on the way.

Whether you're an ice cream shop showcasing a new product or a company celebrating a recent victory, anyone can benefit from the fun and excitement of an ice cream buffet. As you're planning the perfect event for the occasion, you want to ensure your buffet goes off without a hitch. At the same time, however, you want to make your ice cream buffet stand out as a fun event.

Here are some of the top products to include in your ice cream buffet to make it a memorable event.

1. Great table decorations

Many people think that you only need tons of ice cream to wow a crowd. This couldn't be further from the truth. When you want to make an ice cream buffet a memorable affair, don't hesitate to buy decorations to set the mood for your event.

Even covering your table with a solid colored table cloth can transform your table into a stage. Accent your table cloth color with plenty of contrasting decorations to make it pop. For example, a blue table cloth will look amazing with orange swirly twirly ice cream cups. But you can also choose complementary colors to make an impact. Red streamers will work seamlessly with pink confetti and orange chair covers. The decorations are up to you -- just be sure to use them in the first place!

2. Colorful tasting spoons

When you host an ice cream buffet, it's essential that you get a variety of flavors for the occasion. While vanilla and chocolate are among the most popular options, it's vital that you get unique flavors to pique the interest of your guests.

Before you buy fun matcha flavors or gelato alternatives, be sure to get an array of colored spoons, gelato spoons, and fun color changing spoons for tastings. You might think that picking your favorite color is a childish act, but you'll love watching your guests fight over their preferred colors and favorite ice cream options. You can even store these cute spoons in custom ice cream cups next to each flavor of ice cream on your buffet. Just be sure to include trash cans at strategic locations to prevent double-dipping at all costs.

Some gelato spoons are so fun, your guests won't be able to throw it in the trash. Encourage your guests to take leftover gelato spoons and dessert cups so they can be reused after the event comes to an end.

3. Include a variety of containers

Some people can't imagine eating ice cream out of a bowl. Die-hard ice cream enthusiasts would rather starve than eat ice cream from a cone. Because your guests will have such varied tastes, it's vital that you provide a number of serving mechanisms for the comfort of your guests.

This includes waffle cones, sugar cones, and more than a few premium ice cream cups for the occasion. Premium ice cream cups are thicker than other dessert cups, but still, maintain the disposable quality that ice cream buffets demand. This is vital for an ice cream buffet with plenty of guests and ample flavors. Unless you want to hire a professional team of dishwashers, disposable paper cups are the way to go.

For the innovator, you can also invest in milkshake cups. All you need is a blender and a dash of milk and your guests can create countless concoctions at your ice cream buffet. For milkshakes, be sure to invest in eco-friendly paper straws, plenty of paper towels, and drink lids to prevent spills. This option is a bit messier, but offering a variety of ice cream types will help your buffet stand out from the rest.

4. Don't skimp on toppings

Of course, no ice cream buffet is complete without a slew of potential toppings. This is an essential component to making your ice cream buffet so fun. Your guests will love experimenting with different flavor profiles or leaning into their tried and true favorites. If you're worried your guests will hate the combination they create, be sure to store gelato spoons at the toppings table too. That way, your guests can try a bite of each combination before dousing their matcha-flavored ice cream in sprinkles.

Here are just some of the most popular ice cream toppings to choose from:

  • Syrups, including chocolate syrup, strawberry syrup, caramel, hot fudge, marshmallow topping, and peanut butter.
  • Cookie toppings like Oreo crumbles, cookie dough, sugar cookie pieces, and more.
  • Candy flavors such as Twix, Reeses Cups, M&Ms, caramel chocolates, chocolate bars, Kit-Kats, and more.
  • Fresh fruit like bananas, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, mango, and raspberries. You can always poll your guests beforehand so you're not left with too many fruits that will go bad.
  • Classic options including sprinkles and gummy bears. These are also ideal for kids who like to pick apart their ice cream.
  • Nutty options such as peanuts, walnuts, almonds, pecans, and pistachios.

Luckily, ice cream is a diverse food that complements a variety of flavor profiles. If you're planning your ice cream buffet on a budget, you can even ask your guests to bring their own favorite toppings for the occasion. Just encourage your guests to buy new, unopened products to ensure the health of everyone at the event. You must also ask if there are any dietary restrictions or allergies that could limit your ice cream or topic flavors. Safety should be your first priority while setting up an event like this.

5. Ice cream cups to go

Unless you want to be stuck with liters of extra ice cream at the end of the night, it's recommended that you bring a few ice cream cups to go. Not only will this ensure no ice cream will go to waste, but your guests will also adore taking a piece of your event with them. The fun look of ice cream to go cups will remind your guests of the fun they had. Don't forget to order ice cream cups with lids and gelato spoons to go to prevent spills when they leave your event.

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