3 Ways to Elevate Your Banana Split

Banana splits are a staple in any good ice cream shop. They’re classic and timeless. Anyone can make a traditional banana split, but if you use these tips, your banana split will be elevated to the next level. If you want to know the best way to make a classic banana split, read this article.

1. Try Different Flavors

A traditional banana split has three different flavors of ice cream: vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, all topped with hot fudge. These are a good combination, but you can bring your banana split to the next level by using different combinations of flavors. Here are some of our favorites:

Assorted Ice Cream Flavors, 3 Ways You Can Elevate Your Banana Split

1. PB&J

This will bring back childhood memories. Try using strawberry, peanut brittle, and chocolate-hazelnut flavored ice creams with warm peanut butter drizzled on top. Instead of cherries on top, try using a strawberry or raspberry on each scoop. For perfectly round and smooth scoops, try using this scooper!

2. S'mores

Use two scoops of chocolate chunk and one scoop of vanilla ice cream with hot fudge on top. Instead of whipped cream, use marshmallow fluff. Sprinkle crushed graham crackers on top. Use chunks of chocolate in place of cherries. This will make your customers feel like they're camping!

3. Mint Cookie

This is a new take on mint chocolate chip. Use a scoop of mint chocolate chip, chocolate chunk, and cookies and cream ice creams. Drizzle it with chocolate syrup and sprinkle it with Oreo cookie pieces. Top each scoop with an Andes mint.

2. Use the Right Bananas

Banana in Hand, 3 Ways You Can Elevate Your Banana Split
The most critical part of a banana split is the banana. The best bananas aren't too hard or too soft, they should be extra sweet too. A good rule of thumb is freckles. Sweet bananas that aren't too hard always have a few freckles. Another way to perfect your bananas is to keep them in the fridge. Having a room temperature or warm banana will counteract the cold ice cream in an unappetizing way.

3. Roast Your Nuts

Nuts are a no-brainer for banana splits. They add crunch and balance out the sweetness of the other flavors. To elevate your nuts and bring out a nice flavor in them, try roasting them. You do this by cutting your nuts to the right size for your ice cream, tossing them in neutral oil (try grapeseed), and baking them in the oven at 350 °F for eight minutes. It works best if you take them out of the oven halfway through and move them around.
Banana splits are a classic staple in any ice cream shop. The classic version is always good, but if you use these tips to elevate your banana split, your customers will love it!
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