Clear Plastic Drink Cups


      The Best Clear Plastic Drink Cups For Your Shop

      There's nothing better than a cool glass of water on a hot day, right? Your restaurant or party won't hope to survive without quality drinking cups for your day to day operations or special event. With quality drinking cups from Frozen Dessert Supplies available in numerous different sizes, your guests can enjoy any beverage they heart desires. From soda to milkshakes to smoothies, the clear plastic drink cups offered by Frozen Dessert Supplies has you covered.

      Versatile Options For Any Event

      Our UNIQ clear plastic drink cups offer the best bargain for your buck. Made from PET plastic, these clear cups go perfectly with our selection of domed or flat lids. We even feature four distinct sizes to appeal to anyone who walks through your door: 12, 16, 20, and 24 oz. Whether you're hosting an outdoor event with your family or offering one of the largest milkshakes on the block, these high-quality cups are strong enough to take on any beverage with ease. 

      Custom Creations

      The best part about your clear plastic drink cups? They're easily customizable. Don't hesitate to slap on a fun sticker presenting your logo to any passerby or throw on a custom cardboard koozie for your customers. Frozen Dessert Supplies even offers custom printing for our clear drink cups! This makes us the perfect option for one-time events like family reunions or memorable holiday events. The possibilities are endless when you invest in quality plastic drink cups.