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      51 products

      Straws for Soda, Milkshakes, Smoothies, Hot Drinks and More!

      Frozen Dessert Supplies offers a huge variety of colors and styles. Try our compostable plastic straws made from PLA (corn plastic), our reusable stainless steel straws, or our paper straws. All our eco straws are much safer and more sustainable than traditional plastic. Not to mention, our paper straws come in a variety of designs perfect for any event!

      Paper Straws for Any Theme

      With over 60 options for patterns and colors, our paper straws are the perfect eco friendly option for any event. Unlike traditional plastic straws, paper straws have the freedom to coordinate with any theme. Not only do they complement your decor, but your customers will also appreciate your care for the environment -- paper straws are fully biodegradable. This leaves you with a significantly smaller carbon footprint. 

      Why Use Eco Straws?

      Traditional plastic straws never decompose and they’re only recyclable under certain conditions. Paper and PLA straws are a much more eco-friendly alternative. They’re both biodegradable and compostable. Under proper conditions, they’ll break down completely. Because traditional plastic straws never biodegrade, they frequently end up in our oceans, killing marine life and polluting water. Rather than ending your use of straws altogether, consider using one of our eco-friendly options. Under the right conditions, paper straws will completely break down within 180 days, while PLA straws only take 90 days. Both are just as strong and durable as plastic straws making them both great options.

      Whether you’re a restaurant making an effort to be more green or a conscientious person throwing a party, Frozen Dessert Supplies has an eco-friendly and sustainable option for you! We strive every day to help people like you to be more eco-friendly without compromising your style or wallet. Help us in our mission to save the planet by purchasing eco friendly straws today!