UNIQ® Spooky Halloween Gelato Spoons
UNIQ® Spooky Halloween Gelato Spoons
UNIQ® Spooky Halloween Gelato Spoons

UNIQ® Spooky Halloween Gelato Spoons


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Introducing the UNIQ® Spooky Halloween Gelato Spoons. Different. Better.

Gelato Spoons are known as Palettina Spoons in Italy, and are the most widely used gelato spoon. Their shovel like shape makes them a very popular option to serve and sample gelato. They'll work great with other frozen desserts too including ice cream, frozen yogurt, sundaes and Italian ice. While designed with frozen desserts in mind, the possible uses for this spoon are virtually endless. They'll also work fine for tasting yogurt, sauces, soups, cakes, pie, and much more. These spoons are made in the USA. Our Gelato Spoons are made from high quality FDA approved plastic. We offer many other beautiful colors to ensure that you love your spoons. Each of our spoons has been carefully designed to ensure a perfect fit in all hands. 

These Halloween Gelato Spoons will be the hit of any party or event. Mixed Cases of Orange, Purple and Black spoons are the perfect way to spice up the spooky season. Halloween disposable plastic spoons are a great way to differentiate your business from your competitors to help your customers enjoy the Halloween season! 

UNIQ® Spooky Halloween Gelato Spoon Details
Quantity Full Case is ~3,000 Spoons
Color Mixed Case of Orange (~1,500 Spoons), Purple (~750 Spoons) and Black (~750 Spoons)
Eco Friendly Recyclable
Material FDA Approved Plastic
Overall Spoon Length 4.000"
Handle of Spoon Length 2.875"
Handle of Spoon Width 0.375" to 0.250"
Bowl of Spoon Length 1.125"
Bowl of Spoon Width 0.750"
Bowl of Spoon Height 0.125"
Case Dimensions 16" x 11" x 11"
Case Weight 12 lbs
Cases Per Pallet 90

Note: These are packaged by weight for consistency and accuracy, typically there are about three thousand spoons, could be 10% more or less.

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