UNIQ® 12 oz Ice Cream Cups - Variety Case

UNIQ® 12 oz Ice Cream Cups - Variety Case


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A variety case will be filled with an assortment of colors and styles of our UNIQ® 12 oz cups. Each case varies with what's included, but you can expect a mixture of the following: 

Cowabunga Black, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink, White, Black, Red Striped, Orange Striped, Yellow Striped, Green Striped, Blue Striped, Purple Striped, Pink Striped, Rainbow Striped, Black Striped, Red Polka Dotty, Orange Polka Dotty, Yellow Polka Dotty, Green Polka Dotty, Blue Polka Dotty, Purple Polka Dotty, Rainbow Polka Dotty, Red Swirls & Twirls, Orange Swirls & Twirls, Yellow Swirls & Twirls, Blue Swirls & Twirls, Green Swirls & Twirls, Purple Swirls & Twirls, Pink Swirls & Twirls

1 Case = 1,000 Cups


Our paper ice cream cups are the best option for big and small businesses alike. We made them with ice cream in mind but there are a myriad of other uses your customers will love. These include macaroni and cheese, salad, soup, cake, gelato, shaved ice, and so much more. These paper cups are made for your business, whatever that business may be!

Leak Resistant

Customers rave about the leak resistance of our cups. With their polyethylene coating, these paper cups are durable. Not only are they water-tight, our paper cups are made to handle even hot liquid like soup! 

Lid Compatible

We have flat and dome lids for all our paper ice cream cups (up to 20 oz)! You can continue using all your favorite cups even for takeout. You don’t have to sacrifice sizes, colors, or patterns to offer to-go options to your customers. Alongside that, all our lids are manufactured specifically to seal tightly and eliminate spills.

Custom Designs

You know how frustrating it is to run out of your favorite cups, we have a solution for you: custom cups! The cups are printed just for you and, with only a 3-4 week lead time, you can have your cups on your timeline. Custom cups showcase your brand providing a better customer experience. In just a few weeks, you could have the custom cups of your dreams! You get to work with accomplished designers to get exactly the cups you want. Just click here to connect with one of our custom branding representatives and they’ll get you started on your custom journey!

UNIQ® 12 oz Specifications

  • 1 Case = 1,000 Cups
  • Made with FDA approved paper
  • Polyethylene coating
  • Recyclable
Top rim diameter of cup 3.95 inches / 100 mm
Bottom rim diameter of cup 3.15 inches / 80 mm
Height of cup 3.03 inches / 77 mm
Case dimensions 20.50" x 16.75" x 20"
Case weight 21 lbs
Cases per pallet ~ 20
Capacity ~ 2.5 scoops of ice cream