Torani 64 fl. oz. Puremade Dark Chocolate Flavoring Sauce

Torani 64 fl. oz. Puremade Dark Chocolate Flavoring Sauce


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Introducing our Torani 64 fl oz Puremade Dark Chocolate Flavoring Sauce! Great for any drink or treat.

Irresistible Chocolate Flavor

This bottle of chocolate sauce is perfect for hot, cold, or blended drinks. You can garnish cups or top your whipped cream. This sauce adds the perfect dark chocolate flavor to your treats and drinks. It won’t overwhelm your customers by being too sweet or bitter. It goes great with coffee and ice cream. This sauce is the perfect solution for all your treat and drink needs.

This sauce contains no artificial flavors, ingredients, or GMOs. It’s made with dutch cocoa.

Our Torani dark chocolate sauce comes in 64 fl oz bottles with convenient tops made to fit pumps.


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