Stackable Candy / Topping Dispenser with Notch - 11" x 4" x 11"

Stackable Candy / Topping Dispenser with Notch - 11" x 4" x 11"


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Introducing our Stackable Candy and Topping Dispenser! The perfect addition to any toppings bar.

Convenient Shape

Our candy and toppings dispenser comes in an “L” shape with a large capacity so you’re refilling it less. With the extra storage higher than the scooping bowl, your candy will always be reachable! Your customers will always have toppings at their fingertips.

Easy to Use

Not only is this container constantly refilling itself, but its intuitive design also makes it incredibly easy to use. There’s a convenient magnet on the lid allowing the lid to stay open securely. Your customers can scoop their toppings with one hand!


The slot in the lid is perfectly fitted to hold a spoon. You can easily keep your utensils in the correct containers without risk of them falling on the floor or mixing between containers. Every spoon has its place, even with the lid closed.

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Length: 11 Inches
Width: 4 Inches
Height: 11 Inches