Rainbow Sprinkles - 25 lbs.
Rainbow Sprinkles - 25 lbs.

Rainbow Sprinkles - 25 lbs.


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Introducing Rainbow sprinkles, the perfect final touch to a variety of treats! 


These colorful and sweet sprinkles are a fun addition to any shop. Not only will these sprinkles add texture on top of frosting or ice cream but also within a yummy baked confection. The classic yet simple crunch they add to a variety of treats makes this a classic topping that has lasted throughout the years. 


This decorative topping adds a beautiful variety of colors to every treat making them look delightful and perfectly complete. Some of the colors you can expect to see are pink, orange, yellow, light blue, navy blue, light green, dark green, red, and white. The 25lb bags are perfect to save money buying in bulk quantity which will reduce the price. Whether they are called jimmies, hundreds of thousands , or sprinkles to you, these are the perfect match for any treat!

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Package size: 25 lbs

Gluten free