Lavex Janitorial Wet Mop Kit
Lavex Janitorial Wet Mop Kit

Lavex Janitorial Wet Mop Kit


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Introducing our Lavex Janitorial Wet Mop Kit with 35 Qt. Yellow Mop Bucket, Wet Floor Sign, Mop Head, and Handle! Perfect for all your janitorial needs.


Without having to worry about complicated storage or transport, mopping is easy! This comprehensive kit allows you to use, store, and transport all of your mopping supplies efficiently. This mop kit is perfect for your establishment.


This kit includes a 4-ply cotton cut-end wet mop head, a yellow 35 qt. mop bucket and side press wringer combo, a 57" plastic side-release mop handle, and a 25" caution wet floor sign. This has everything you’ll need to safely and efficiently mop your store.

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Length: 23"

Width: 14 3/4"

Height: 24 1/4 - 34"

Capacity: 35 qt