HERSHEY'S® 7.25 fl oz Chocolate Shell Topping

HERSHEY'S® 7.25 fl oz Chocolate Shell Topping


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Delicious Topping

This topping is a fun addition to a variety of cold treats. The chocolate, when poured on ice cream, hardens in second and will leave your customers in awe. It also adds a crunch to the ice cream to add some texture and making the experience more enjoyable. 


Ease of use

The squeeze bottle makes it easy to use. This 7.25 fl. oz bottle comes with a flip-top lid which leaves for easy storage. It can and should be stored on the counter (considering storing it in the fridge will harden the chocolate). Hershey's is a great brand to offer in your store that many customers are familiar with and trust.

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7 1/4 fl oz

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