• Eco-Friendly Take Out Cup Carrier - 4 Cup Holder

Eco-Friendly Take Out Cup Carrier - 4 Cup Holder

  • $49.64
Introducing our new Eco-Friendly Take-Out Cup Carriers with 4 Cup Holders. We understand that many of your customers walk out of the stores with more than one cup in hand. Now you can offer a convenient and comfortable way for your customers to do that. Each tray comes with a 4 place cup holder and a flat middle section.

This carrier fits drink cups ranging from 8-32 oz. The bottom diameter must be 2 5/8" or less to properly fit in the compartment.

Each case comes with 300 trays.

Made of pulp fiber and are compostable and/or biodegradable in a commercial composting facility.

Overall Dimensions: 
Length: 8.75" 
Width: 8.75" 
Height: 1.75"
Case Weight: 28.5 lbs
SKU: HCF101100