8" Square Dual Ovenable Square Brownie / Cake Pan with Lid

8" Square Dual Ovenable Square Brownie / Cake Pan with Lid


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Introducing the 8” Square Ovenable Square Baking Pan with Lid! Perfect for all your baking needs.

Display your Cakes

With a clear plastic lid to display your baked goods, your customers will know exactly what they’re getting. It keeps your cakes safe without compromising your display. This works for baked goods or frozen batters. It works for everything!


Made from BPA free CPET plastic, our square pans can withstand anything. They’re made specifically to withstand temperatures from -15 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Perfect for baking or freezing. These pans can do it all!


The wide variety of temperatures and durability of this container makes it the perfect solution for all your baked goods. Try it with cakes, brownies, or even cornbread! You can freeze your batter, bake it, and your customers can take it home -- all in the same container!

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Length: 8"

Width: 8"

Height: 1 1/4"

SKU: DS-WS-374K55388