7" x 4" x 2" - Foam Clamshell Take Out Container
7" x 4" x 2" - Foam Clamshell Take Out Container

7" x 4" x 2" - Foam Clamshell Take Out Container


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Introducing our Foam Clamshell Take Out Container! The perfect single-serve take-out option.


There’s nothing more frustrating than not having the proper take-out container for your food. Having to put a single piece of cake in a container made for soup is not a great way to serve your meals to-go. This innovative foam clamshell container is the perfect solution for all your take-out and to-go needs!


Because of its firm closure tab, this container is completely secure. It stays closed no matter what. Your customers can even drop it on the floor without worries that their food will fly out or be exposed. These containers are completely secure.


Our take-out containers are made from durable foam produced without CFC, an ozone layer harming chemical. They will keep your food at temperature so your customers don’t have to worry about cold take-out. Along with that, these containers are also refrigerator safe. Your customers can store their leftovers with peace-of-mind!

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