4" x 7" Antiseptic Moist Towelette / Wet Nap - 1000/Case

4" x 7" Antiseptic Moist Towelette / Wet Nap - 1000/Case


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Introducing our Antiseptic Moist Towelettes! Give your customers the gift of clean hands.


Made with an alcohol and .4% benzalkonium chloride formula, our antiseptic moist towelettes are a great way for your customers to stay clean and sanitized even when eating messy finger foods. They’re individually wrapped for an extra layer of protection. They won’t dry out while in storage. Your customers will love the ability to stay clean through messy meals.


Because they individually wrapped, these wet naps are the perfect solution to all your messy finger foods. They’re easy to store and quick to open. Your customers can just tear the packaging, no scissors needed. Add an extra layer of cleanliness to your restaurant.

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Length: 7"

Width: 4"