Plastic Ice Cream Spoons

Choose From A Variety Of Ice Cream Spoons In A Range Of Colors!

Need Help Deciding Which Spoons Are Strongest? Use Our Handy Dandy Spoon Strength Guide Below. 


A Wide Variety of Plastic Ice Cream Spoons

No matter your specialty when it comes to frozen treats, you need plastic ice cream spoons for serving and sampling. At Frozen Dessert Supplies, we offer a number of disposable spoons that are ideal for your café, ice cream shop, or gelato shop. With our online dessert supply store, we've made it simple and fast to order your plastic spoons online, but if you need help, we're available to answer your questions at (480) 428-1999.

A Spoon for Any Occasion

Although all of our spoons are suitable for any frozen treat, we know you'll love our line of heavy-duty frozen yogurt spoons featuring a strong handle and comfortable gripping. These plastic spoons are available in 8 fun colors. Want to make a truly lasting impression on your customers? Ask us about how you can add your company name and logo to the plastic handle of these superb spoons. Click here for more information!

We have a variety of other options too! Our popular square gelato spoons and plastic tasting spoons come in an attractive assortment of soft transparent colors. You can also choose from a rainbow of bright, fun colors: white, green, pink, blue, red, orange, yellow, and purple. Additionally, we keep a number of versatile plastic ice cream spoons in stock. Try our colorful UNIQ curve spoon, made of durable heavyweight plastic and designed with a curved, comfortable handle, or the UNIQ medium weight dessert plastic spoons for quality, strength, and simplicity.

If you have any questions about our plastic ice cream spoons or need help with your order, we're here to take your call. Get in touch with us at (480) 428-1999 or send us an email! We will get back to you quickly and we look forward to answering your questions.