Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves (Clear) - 100/Box
Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves (Clear) - 100/Box
Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves (Clear) - 100/Box

Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves (Clear) - 100/Box


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Introducing our Vinyl Powder-Free Gloves (Clear). Perfect for keeping your store sanitary and safe.

Safe for Food Service

Our gloves are latex-free and powder-free. They comply with California Proposition 65 and contain no DINP (known to increase the risk of cancer). Because they don’t contain any major allergens, these gloves are safe. You don’t have to worry about exposing your customers to anything dangerous through these gloves. They’re safe and perfect for your restaurant!


Because our vinyl gloves are 3.5 mm thick, you don’t have to worry about rips or tears. These gloves are thick and durable. Unlike thin latex gloves, these are made from strong vinyl! They’re safe for food-service or janitorial work.


Because of the one-at-a-time dispensing box, these gloves are sanitary. Using these gloves is the perfect next-step to ensuring your establishment is exceeding local health standards. With our vinyl gloves, your store can be next-level clean.


With our large range of sizes, these gloves are universal. From small to extra large -- there’s a size for everyone! You don’t have to worry about gloves falling off because they’re too big or tearing because they’re too small. We have any size you could need. As well as having a variety of sizes, these gloves are ambidextrous! They work for right and left hands.

There are 100 gloves in each box.

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