Plastic Straws

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      13 products

      Plastic Straws For Every Beverage

      Frozen Dessert Supplies offers a huge variety of colors and styles. We offer paper and plastic straws for all of your straw needs. We have many different lengths and many different colors, including boba straws. Use these straws at your next wedding, graduation, family get together and they will be the hit of the party.

      No ice cream shop or restaurant could hope to survive without the best plastic drinking straws. These simple, yet essential products are a mandatory component in meeting the various needs of your guests, whether your customers are on the run or settling in for great service. 

      At Frozen Dessert Supplies, we offer the best plastic drinking straws for every beverage. From sodas to milkshakes to hot coffee, our plastic straws are able to stand up to the challenge -- and look great while doing it. 

      Straws for every beverage

      While you might think plastic straws are just for cold drinks, the straws at Frozen Dessert Supplies can handle drinks for every temperature. 

      All of our straws are made from high-quality plastic materials. Their sturdy design will ensure any guest will have an easy time drinking from our vast selection of colorful straws. When it comes to meeting the various needs of your customers, we know the importance of providing a range of options.

      Try our straws for any one of these drinks! 

      • Cold sodas, teas, and mixed drinks
      • Slushies and icees
      • Thick milkshakes, smoothies, and floats
      • Hot ciders, coffees, and teas
      • Unique beverages like boba tea!

      Straws for every occasion

      The innovative straws offered by Frozen Dessert Supplies guarantee you'll have a straw for every guest at your restaurant. We know that choosey kids and picky parents want an array of options. When you need variety, we've got your back.