Which Countries Consume the Most Ice Cream?

It is no secret that no matter how it is served, ice cream is one of the most popular desserts worldwide. Gelato in a sugar cone, creamy milkshakes, huge banana splits -- ice cream can be found in virtually any culture around the globe. From the coldest of climates to the hottest regions where ice cream doesn’t last long in the beating sun, one thing is for certain: ice cream rules all. But what country consumes the most of this delicious frozen treat? 

The top spot: New Zealand! Maybe it is the hot climate, the kiwi birds, or the lush landscape that is perfectly complemented by an ice cream cone -- no one knows. What we do know is that New Zealanders love themselves some ice cream, as each person consumes almost 28 liters (eight gallons) every year.

Second place: United States! While Americans can sometimes get a bad reputation for eating a lot of ice cream, it turns out that they have secured only the second spot globally for ice cream consumption! No flavor is off limits though, as each American goes to town on almost 26 liters (seven gallons) annually.

Third: Australia The Aussies love ice cream almost as much as their southern neighbors. A full 18 liters (five gallons) are consumed per capita each year. But the real question is: Do the koalas enjoy it just as much?

Fourth: Finland Even though it is quite cold in Finland for the majority of the year, a Fin’s sweet tooth does not go into hibernation during the wintertime. As a whole, each Fin consumes 14 liters (four gallons) of ice cream annually.

Fifth: Sweden The Fins’ western neighbors in Sweden also enjoy their frozen desserts! On average, each Swede indulges in 12 liters (three gallons) of the sweet treat each year.

Sixth: Cananda It looks like Canada is quite different from their allies to the south, considering each Canadian only eats 5.49 liters (one and a half gallons) of ice cream each year. Oh Canada, we know you can do better than that!

As you can see, this frozen dessert is popular in every corner of the globe. So where does your country rank on the worldwide ice cream consumption scale?

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