The Ultimate Fro-Yo Flavor Combos

Enjoyed by Americans 28.5 times per year, ice cream is considered America's sweetheart. But while ice cream will always be a classic frozen treat, frozen yogurt is definitely having its moment. Since the 90s, frozen yogurt has become a refreshing, healthy and indulgent alternative to traditional frozen dairy desserts. Each year, it seems more and more frozen yogurt stores and franchises open up. In 2013 alone, there were 2,582 frozen yogurt stores, and that number is only increasing.

One of the most appealing facets of frozen yogurt and frozen yogurt stores is the incredible amount of control a customer has over their fro-yo experience. Unlike traditional ice cream shops, frozen yogurt places allow their customers to control the flavor of frozen dessert they choose and the toppings. In a sense, frozen yogurt cups become a canvas for delicious works of edible art.

Many ice cream stores, like Sixteen Handles, offer as many as 16 different frozen yogurt flavors for customers to choose. On top of this, they offer full topping bars, packed with candy, fruit, nuts, and other classic frozen dessert toppings. But with so much to choose, some of the less seasoned fro-yo-goers might choke under pressure, succumbing to underwhelming or just plain awkward frozen yogurt combinations.

Luckily, we've done the dirty work for you and have provided some of the best fro-yo combos that will have your spoons digging and your yogurt cups empty to the very last drop.

The PBandJ: Combine peanut butter yogurt with raspberry sauce, fresh berries, and peanut pieces. You can also invert the flavors by doing it with strawberry yogurt and peanut butter sauce!

Pina Colada:
 Combine coconut and vanilla yogurt, topping it with coconut shavings, pineapple pieces, and a cherry for garnish. You'll feel like you're on vacation in no time.

The Smooth(ie) Criminal: This one may appear healthy, but don't let that fool you, it's still delicious. For this flavor, take the classic tart yogurt and top with fresh berries, banana slices, and almond slivers. To bring out the criminal in you, top with a few dark chocolate chips!

Brownie Parfait: Start by lining the bottom of your cup with brownie pieces. Then, add dark chocolate frozen yogurt. Then, layer with chocolate sauce and fruit. Then, layer with more yogurt and top with more brownies and whatever other toppings you would like!

If you're part of one of the 90% of U.S. households that regularly indulge in frozen treats like frozen yogurt, tell us what your favorite flavor combinations are!

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