Healthy Ice Cream Topping Swaps That Are Almost Too Easy to Make

When was the last time you said no to ice cream for dessert? We know, it's tough! And considering 90% of U.S. households regularly indulge in a frozen treat, it's likely you'll find someone to agree with you. But, just because you're indulging doesn't mean you have to have to go completely overboard, especially if you're watching what you eat. So here are some healthy swaps that you won't feel any guilt about when filling up those dessert cups to the rim.

Instead of hot fudge, choose chocolate syrup - There are fewer calories and fat in chocolate syrup than in hot fudge without you having to compromise all the chocolate goodness you're looking for in a sundae.

Instead of ice cream, choose frozen yogurt - This is an easy swap to make, but plenty of ice cream fanatics forget this fact! Frozen yogurt gives all the flavor of full dairy ice cream without all the extra fat and calories.

Instead of maraschino cherries, choose fresh fruit - All the syrup that comes with maraschino cherries is riddled with high fructose corn syrup. Toss some fresh berries and bananas on top of your sundae instead.

Instead of peanut butter, try chopped peanuts - 
Chopped peanuts or other nuts give a full boost of protein without the added fats peanut butter sauce can bring. Plus, it gives a nice crunch that balances out the creaminess of the ice cream.

Instead of gummy bears, try sprinkles - Rainbow sprinkles bring happiness to any ice cream cup. They are nice and sweet and have barely any calories so you can indulge in as many as you'd like.

Instead of crushed cookie pieces, try pretzels -
 You'll still get the crunch you're looking for, but pretzels will add a bit of extra fiber to your dessert. Not to mention their saltiness is the perfect accompaniment to vanilla or chocolate ice cream or gelato.

Instead of cookie dough, try semi-sweet chocolate chips - 
With fewer calories and fat per tablespoon but still tons of flavor, semi-sweet chocolate chips are a great swap to make. We promise you won't miss out on flavor at all when making this change.

With these easy and quick swaps, your dessert cups sure won't be lacking any flavor. But your diet might thank you!

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