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      It's no secret that ice cream shops are prone to the occasional mess. When you're indulging in your favorite sweets, it only makes sense that you'll spill some in your excitement. 

      Frozen Dessert Supplies knows that the best way to counter these sticky messes is by offering quality napkins for the job. But don't let these napkins blow away! Supplement these high-quality products with our stainless steel napkin dispensers at each table. 

      Tallfold Napkins For Every Table

      The best way to serve your customers is by letting them serve themselves! With Frozen Dessert Supplies' tallfold stainless steel napkin dispensers stationed at every table, your guests won't have to cry over spilled milk (or milkshakes!). 

      These dispensers are easy to stock since they're formulated to fit our tallfold napkins perfectly. While some restaurants worry about wasting paper, Frozen Dessert Supplies recognizes that these napkin dispensers are designed to streamline the efficiency of your restaurant with little to no effort on your part. 

      Instead of your servers wasting time running back and forth for napkins, stationing a quality napkin dispenser at each table will allow your guests the freedom to use napkins at their leisure. Free up your employees' time and focus on what's important: namely, offering the best products and services for your customers. 

      At Frozen Dessert Supplies, We Keep It Clean

      Keep your customers clean with the best paper napkins around. Paired with the help of our stainless steel napkin dispensers, keeping tables clean is easier than ever. Simply wipe down your table and the napkin dispenser at the same time to streamline the efficiency in your restaurant. We even offer our dispensers in a beautiful white color to fit the aesthetic of any shop. 

      Are you interested in napkins and quality napkin dispensers? Contact Frozen Dessert Supplies today when you want to streamline your restaurant's efficiency.