UNIQ® 12/16/22 oz Clear Dome Paper Drink Cup Lids
UNIQ® 12/16/22 oz Clear Dome Paper Drink Cup Lids

UNIQ® 12/16/22 oz Clear Dome Paper Drink Cup Lids


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Introducing the UNIQ® 12/16/22 oz Clear Dome Paper Cup Lids! Perfect for smoothies, milkshakes, sodas, and so much more.


These clear plastic lids fit perfectly on our 12, 16 or 22 oz paper Drink CupsThey will not fit on our ice cream cups nor our plastic drink cups. This lid was made to snap tightly on the cups. No leaks here! Your drinks are perfectly safe.


This plastic dome lid is equipped with a hole in the center. This makes it perfect for straws or spoons! You don’t have to remove the lid to get to the product. This lid is great for any treat. This hole is also perfect for whipped cream! The spout of your whipped cream bottle will fit perfectly in the hole so you can have the right amount for any treat.


Because these lids are made with durable clear plastic, they are fully recyclable. You don’t have to worry about these staying in a landfill or ending up in the ocean. You can recycle these! They don’t have to be processed specially, they can be recycled in your normal recycling bin.


Our clear plastic lids are made from high-quality PET plastic. You don’t have to worry about these lids cracking or ripping. They’re strong and durable. They can withstand just about anything! Pairing these with our paper cups make a perfect combo for milkshakes, smoothies, or even iced coffee.

We cannot guarantee that our lids will fit any cup but our own, so check out our Paper Drink Cups before you go!

SKU: 97020M
Color: Clear
Material: Plastic

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