UNIQIFY® Color Changing Dessert Spoons - Blue to Green

UNIQIFY® Color Changing Dessert Spoons - Blue to Green


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Introducing the UNIQIFY® Crazy Color Changing Dessert Spoon - Blue to Green. Different. Better.

We are very excited to offer this beautiful and strong color changing spoon to our customers. These spoons are the perfect choice for frozen yogurt, ice cream, gelato, sundaes, snacks, and anything else you desire. The changing colors are simply amazing - once you dip your spoon into anything cold, it changes color before your eyes. People of all ages love these spoons! These spoons will be this hit of the party, and will set you apart from your competition.

Our Color Changing Dessert Spoons are made in the USA, and are made from high quality, FDA approved medium-weight plastic. We offer many other beautiful colors to ensure that you love your spoons. Each of our spoons has been carefully designed to ensure a perfect fit in all hands.

UNIQ® Dessert Ice Cream Spoons
Overall Spoon Length 5.75"
Handle of Spoon Length 3.875"
Handle of Spoon Width 0.313" to 0.500"
Bowl of Spoon Length 1.875"
Bowl of Spoon Width 1.188"
Bowl of Spoon Height 0.375"
Capacity 1.25 Teaspoons of Liquid
Features Color Changing
Material Medium Weight Polypropylene
Color Blue
Units Per Case 1,000 Spoons
Case Dimensions 16.25" x 10.25" x 10.25"
Case Weight 7 lb
Cases Per Pallet 80

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