Why should your business go plastic free?

Plastic-free is the way of the future.
Single-use plastics are a way of the past. A study of 1,000 people in the U.S. and the U.K. said 88% of consumers want brands to be more environmentally responsible 1. Your customer is counting on you to provide biodegradable and compostable supplies to help them be more environmentally friendly. Not only that, but many states are even making single-use plastics supplies illegal and are turning towards compostable and biodegradable supplies. Begin making your business plastic-free by starting with shifting from single-use plastic items to the biodegradable options mentioned below. Make your business plastic-free; your customers and the environment will thank you.

Single-use plastic containers to eco-friendly and paper cups
Single-use plastic containers are ending up in landfills and they take 1,000 years to decompose2. California has realized a need for getting rid of single-use plastic containers and banned them back in 20143. Now brand name hotels are also moving away from the single-use travel containers for shampoo, conditioner, and lotion. As these bans and companies move away from single-use containers and become plastic-free, it will start to become the norm, and consumers will begin to expect for plastic-free businesses. I would recommend beginning by switching to eco-friendly cups for your business.

Plastic straws to paper straws
As a culture, we are moving away from plastic straws as we have seen the harm they have caused to the ocean environment. Cities within New York, Hawaii, California, Washington, New Jersey, and Florida have already banned or are working on banning plastic straws completely with other cities not far behind5. My company moved to sell biodegradable and eco-friendly paper straws a year ago and now its the majority of what we sell. A small switch like this will have your customers sipping happily as they know their straw won’t be harming the environment.

Plastic bags to paper bags
Many states and even whole countries including Chile, China, India and more have opted away from plastic bags completely6. Shifting to paper bags will again be more eco-friendly and opting for your business to become plastic-free will have your customers thanking you.

Become the kind of business your customers want you to be, which is eco-friendly and a plastic-free business. They will thank you for helping them and helping the environment. Make your business plastic-free by starting with ordering Eco-friendly cups, straws, and paper bags. Your impact on the environment will make a difference and the environment will thank you.


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