Unique Ideas You Need to Consider When Planning a Bridal Shower

Wedding season is right around the corner, and if you have a bride in your life it's time to start planning their bridal shower! Many people choose to host a nice brunch for the soon-to-be bride, complete with a mimosa bar and those classic games that everyone secretly hates. But if your bride is extremely unique, why not make her party that way as well?

To make the bridal shower a little bit non-traditional and a whole lot more memorable, there are some different things you can do. The first thing to try is transforming the bridal shower into a cocktail party. Sure, you're probably used to having alcohol available at a bridal shower, but that doesn't make it a cocktail party. Have all the guests dress up in cocktail dresses, stock the bar full of different types of champagnes, wines, and liquors, and come prepared with a classy, yet fun playlist. The major difference between a cocktail party and a bridal shower cocktail party is that your guests will bring gifts.

If you choose to go to the cocktail party route, you're going to need to make sure you feed your guests. Instead of the classic mini-hot dogs, if your bride loves ice cream and frozen desserts, create an ice cream buffet! An ice cream buffet is a perfect way to incorporate your bride's favorite dessert and to stray away from the generic finger sandwiches and quiches you may be used to. Along with frozen desserts, make sure you stock the buffet full of tasting spoons, ice cream cups, and even lids, so people can take a little treat home with them as a party favor. Roughly 90% of United States households indulge in a sweet, frozen treat on a regular basis, so an ice cream buffet is definitely going to be a hit.

If your bride loves fun and games, but you don't want to have everyone play those annoying wedding-themed word jumbles, why not throw a field day-themed bridal shower? Have everyone come prepared with gym clothes so they can participate in games like a balloon toss or a three-legged race. It's a great way to get everyone active, and to encourage the infamous saying “sweating for the wedding.” A field day bridal shower is such a unique theme for that bride who simply doesn't like sitting at home.

Bridal showers are a lot of fun, but they can be even more fun if you have a non-traditional theme or some other unique aspects. Take a look at the tips listed above for some ideas when planning your next bridal shower.
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