Ice Cream Flavors

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    3 Secrets to the Best Root Beer Float for Your Ice Cream Shop

    Root beer floats are a staple to any ice cream shop. They're nostalgic, delicious, and perfect for any theme. On top of that, they're cheap to produce and easy to make! If you want to learn the 3 secrets to the best root beer float, keep reading. View Post
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    5 Fun Facts About the Founding Fathers' Love of Ice Cream

    Ice cream is the favorite treat of many Americans- the average American eats more than 23 pounds of ice cream every year. Our adoration for ice cream is nothing new. Many of the founding fathers were known for their love of ice cream. Here are 5 Fun Facts About the Founding Fathers' Love of Ice Cream! View Post
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    7 Patriotic Treats for Your Ice Cream Shop this Memorial Day

    Memorial Day is an American holiday that falls on the last Monday of May each year. Our nation has celebrated it since the Civil War. One of the first known Memorial Day celebrations was a gathering of freed slaves in Charleston, South Carolina. It's also recognized as the unofficial start of summer. View Post
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    3 Ways to Elevate Your Banana Split

    Banana splits are a staple in any good ice cream shop. They’re classic and timeless. Anyone can make a traditional banana split, but if you use these tips, your banana split will be elevated to the next level. View Post
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    America's Top 10 Favorite Ice Cream Flavors and the Best Toppings to Go With Them

    While vanilla has reigned supreme as the world's favorite ice cream flavor for many years, a new report from the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) shows that it may be at risk for losing that position soon.

    So what other flavors rounded out the list? Here are the top 10 flavors and some great toppings to enhance that ice cream cup of yours. If you want a list of the most popular ice cream toppings, check out this article about toppings every ice cream shop needs. Improve your business with new ice cream flavors and yummy toppings to make sure your customers leave with satisfied smiles!

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    How to Make the Perfect Ice Cream Sundae

    Ice cream sundaes are a staple in every ice cream shop, soft-serve or hard ice cream. Sundaes are so popular because of how incredibly customizable they are. You can go classic with vanilla ice cream and hot fudge or you can be more adventurous and go with mint ice cream and cookie pieces. Whatever your chosen flavors, this is the best method for making a perfect ice cream sundae every time. View Post