Spooky Ice Cream Treats For Halloween

 On average, your typical American will eat a sweet ice cream treat around 28.5 times this year. But do those 28.5 helpings of frozen dessert need to be confined to the warm weather months? Of course not! The great thing about ice cream is how versatile it is -- and we haven't even mentioned gelato, frozen yogurt, or milkshakes yet. These frozen desserts can easily take on super-spooky traits to make your Halloween season chillingly delicious.

So if you're looking to make the ultimate scary dessert, here are some classic frozen treats to serve up this All Hallow's Eve.

Spider Sandwiches

Ever made an ice cream sandwich? Ever turned it into a creepy-crawly spider? These little guys are more cute than creepy, don't worry. There are a million ways to go about making the perfect ice cream sandwich. To find a recipe you love, don't be afraid to play with ingredients, technique, and flavor. The important part is color. Use a touch of food dye to create a black or red filling. You can also use black cookie sandwich pieces to create the perfect spider body. The finishing touches? Candy buttons for eyes and frosting as the glue. Then, use small bits of licorice rope and gently push them into the ice cream to anchor the spiders' "legs". Voila, you have a fat spider sandwich.

Monster Sundaes

This dish is best served in paper ice cream cups or frozen yogurt cups, as this sundae gets scarily messy!

The basic premise? Take a scoop of ice cream, and give it the spookiest little face you've ever seen. Small round candies work well as eyes, and halved peanut butter cups can be great pointy goblin ears. Add a big maraschino cherry nose to top it off. Of course, you'll have to act fast. You need to get all your decorating done before the ice cream starts to melt.

But wait -- our monster isn't done. This is a sundae, right? When the time comes to serve your monster sundaes, drizzle hot fudge around the base. You can even start off the monster by dolloping some hot fudge into the bottom of your ice cream or yogurt cups, but be warned that this strategy may cause your ice cream 'head' to melt faster.

What else? An optional whipped cream ruff and puff of whipped cream hair can be a cute finishing touch to give your monster pal some extra character.

Witches' Potion Punch

Double, bubble, toil and trouble. This tasty Halloween punch is perfect to throw together in a pinch. All you need is a base of ginger ale and lemon-lime soda. Then, throw in a few scoops of lime sherbet. The sherbet melts slowly in the cool drink, creating spellbinding swirls on the surface. Never had sherbet? It's a bit reminiscent of fruity frozen yogurt, but not as creamy as what you'll find in your average yogurt cups. Sherbet is often dairy-free, perfect for your lactose intolerant guests. What you want to do next to spice up your brew is up to you! Want an extra spook factor? A dash of dry ice will have your witches' potion bubbling and brewing in no time.

Going to try any of these bewitching frozen treats at your next autumn bash? Have a safe and spooky Halloween!
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