Record-Breaking Ice Cream Trivia Facts That Will Shock You

It’s hard not to love ice cream; this frozen treat is a dessert favorite worldwide. However, some people take their love of ice cream to the next level, breaking records for the most and the largest ice cream. Think you’re a big enough fan of ice cream to top these records? Put your love of this dessert favorite to the test with these unbelievable records.

Dessert Down Under

The United States eats plenty of ice cream but is actually not the country that consumes the most ice cream globally. That prize goes to New Zealand, where most ice cream is eaten annually, measured in gallons per person.

Ice Cream Of Unusual Sizes

More is usually better when it comes to ice cream, but how much more? If you prefer your ice cream in a cone instead of a cup, maybe you’d want to try your hand at making the world’s tallest ice cream cone. Good luck beating the previous record; the world’s tallest recorded ice cream cone, a record set in Norway, stood at ten feet tall. 

If sundaes are more your style, you might want to try going for the longest ice cream dish instead. This record was set in Texas in 2018. It measured a whopping 4549 feet and 3.36 inches, containing over 500 gallons of ice cream. 

Toppings Galore

What good is a sundae without all the best toppings? The record-breaking 500-gallon sundae in Texas had an equally shocking number of toppings. This included 300 gallons of chocolate, 2000 cans of whipped cream, 25 pounds of sprinkles, and 25,000 cherries. 

This monster sundae didn’t last long with toppings that delicious. Despite its size, the team of 4,000 people who’d gathered to create the sundae managed to finish it in just 30 minutes. 

Think you could beat some of these records? Gather a few friends and see if you’re up to the delicious challenge. 
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